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Tara Lewis' paintings challenge conventional portraiture with a focus on female agency and the contemporary complexities of femininity. Exploring cultural anthropology, individuality, and personhood, the work weaves a fresh narrative that delves into self-awareness, irreverence, and satirical punch, informed by critical reflections on expectations and stereotypes associated with gender roles. These figurative paintings redefine cultural icons, drawing inspiration from a sustained exploration of childhood memories associated with familiar characters in cartoons, TV shows, and coming-of-age movies. She was an invited artist at ArtCrush in Aspen and has presented her paintings at Meisel Gallery, New York, NY; Ki Smith Gallery, New York, NY; The Currier Museum of Art, NH; Lyons Wier Gallery, New York, NY; New Collectors Gallery, New York, NY; Tchotchke Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Tufts University Art Galleries, Boston, MA and more.  Lewis' work is held in many major collections, including The Phelan Art Collection, Brooke Shields, The Seavest Collection, Ashley Longshore, The Bunker Artspace & Beth Rudin DeWoody.  She works in both New England and New York City.

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